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What Are the Benefits of Chair Massage in the Workplace? | Zero Healthcare Pakistan

What Are the Benefits of Chair Massage in the Workplace? | Zero Healthcare Pakistan

Introduction :

Massage Chair is a win-win situation for employers and employees. Many of the benefits of a chair massage are similar to the feeling of a full massage at the spa, but it’s more convenient during your workout. On-site massage therapy works in the workplace because it eliminates the need for travel and makes massage therapy accessible to people who might not otherwise consider it.


Thanks to David Palmer, in 1968 massage therapists were introduced to a new tool (the first massage chair) to promote their practice, benefits and new ways to educate the public. Zenovate has compiled and analyzed current research on the benefits of chair massage to reveal the top 10 reasons why you should introduce chair massage to your business or organization. All the courses used here are conducted in the form of massages that are given to employees that take 15-20 hours at work.


Chair massage at the workplace:

  • Reduces stress
  • Decreases anxiety & depression.
  • Relieves muscle tension & pain
  • Improves quality & duration of sleep
  • Relieves headaches
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Prevents repetitive stress injuries
  • Increases immune function
  • Treats pain and discomfort associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Tendonitis
  • Increases focus, energy, & mental clarity

Having a massage chair at your workplace has many benefits. They provide relief from body pain and back pain, increase blood circulation, and provide relaxation and relaxation. Whatever the reason, understanding the type of massage chair can lead you to the best choice.

Massage Mechanism:

It’s not a massage chair that works the same way. Massage (as mentioned above) is the most common, but not the only technology available. Understanding the differences – and the benefits of each – can help you find the right massage chair for your needs. For many modern chairs, a combination of methods is available.

The traditional way a massage chair works, the rollers are the balls inside the chair. The amount of movement is displayed depending on whether the rollers are 2D, 3D or 4D. 4D rollers provide the best control in direction, speed and pressure. Roller massage is considered an effective method of therapeutic massage, benefiting many areas of physical pain and injury.

Psychological Effects of Massage Chair on Employees:

Some of the most common psychological problems your employees may face are depression and anxiety, and these usually follow untreated stress.

There are many disadvantages to your business due to your employees having psychological problems. Of course, you don’t want to intrude on their privacy, but you can help them.

With a good massage chair in the office, you will minimize the symptoms of these conditions in your employees. A massage chair has the power to relax and give people mental clarity, so you will facilitate decision making for your employees and increase their productivity even more.

Another thing worth noting is that you will reduce absenteeism by having a good massage chair nearby. According to Dream Clinic, over 50% of lost work days are related to stress.

So this is another problem you will fight by minimizing work stress.

What is the perfect chair for your workplace?

There are several things that you need to look after when buying your office massage chair.

Size and Capacity

Think about your workspace and choose a chair that meets the needs of most of your employees. If you have employees who weigh more than 300 pounds, be sure to find a chair with that weight capacity.


While the chair doesn’t have to be aesthetically pleasing, you can still find some attractive chairs that fit your office environment.


Depending on what you and your employees prefer, find the best features for the workspace. Some have high-end futuristic features, while others just have the basics.

Massage Options

From a handful of different massages to more than 15, you can find chairs with different massage options. Be sure to get shiatsu and relaxing massages, as these tend to be the most common. Additionally, some chairs may have custom massage options (and some even have 3D scans that create the perfect massage for every body type).


A chair can change the way people view your work, and having a massage chair nearby is one of the best things you can do for your employees. Everyone who works and doesn’t exercise regularly has some pain or stress at work, so you’ll be doing your entire team a huge favor by investing in a good office chair. And they will surely love you.

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