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What is difference between all the Massage Chairs?

There is a great difference between all the massage chairs, first of all the change is in their massage mechanism. The basic models are S track which is based on fixed rollers and the rest are SL and SLW track and also change amoung their rollers quality and rollers generation.

What is S track and SL track?

There are two types of massage mechanism, S type massage chair are based on fixed rollers and their rollers are just till Spine from neck to lower back and SL track has a belt starting from neck and ending at Lumber are thats why it is called SL (Spine to Lumber) track.

How long will my package take to arrive?

Zero Healthcare Pakistan has their own Logistics Department and we can make deliveries by our own team all over the Pakistan. With in the Lahore the order take max of 3 days, With in Punjab it take 7 days and Out of Punjab it make max of 10 days to deliver your product at your doorstep.

What are business days?

Zero Healthcare is operational of all days of week.

Can I make Cash on Delivery?

Yes you can make cash on delivery. After placing order Customer just need to submit 10% of payment as booking fee and remaining 90% payment will be cash on delivery.

Can I get free delivery all over Pakistan?

Yes, Zero Healthcare provide free delivery all over the Pakistan during all Mega Sales.

How Can I pay online?

You can pay online through following:

  • Master Cards
  • Visa Cards
  • Credit Cards

Shipping Policies

How do I know my package has shipped?

Before Shipping your Packages, A representative from Zero Healthcare can calls you and confirm about your availability and then shipped order.

Shall the Delivery Team can also assemble the product?

Yes, the delivery team always comes with technicians and they will assemble and guide you about product at your place.

Can I get warranty letter and invoice from Delivery team?

Yes, the delivery team comes with your warranty letter and all the required documents.

After Sales Services

Can I get warranty for Zero Healthcare Products?

Zero Healtcare provides warranty and free after sales services for our all of the products.

How I can get after sales services?

Customers Services Officers contact number will mention by the end of your invoice and also you can get it from website. They will facilitate you.

Should I bring my product to Zero service center?

No, Zero Healthcare can provide warranty claim and after sale services at your doorstep.

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